that [i ]2t ]    (순위: 16 - 초등 수준)  
복수 those
Mean Being the one singled out, implied, or understood.
예문 1. That Father did not scold me surprised me. (나는 아버지께서 나를 꾸중하시지 않는 것에 놀랐다)
2. There was no hope that she would recover her health. (그녀가 건강을 회복하리라는 희망은 전혀 없었다)
3. Is this the farm that they spoke of? (이것이 그들이 말한 농장입니까)
4. This watch is better than that one. (이 시계가 저것보다 낫다)
5. After that things changed. (그 후 사정이 달라졌다)